Hypnosis Hobart

Weight Control

Tired of dieting and you’ve had enough of the struggle.

You know you need to have a change of mind.

Binge eating? Overeating? Mindless comfort eating?

Do you feel like you are lugging a heavy, tiresome weight every time you move.
Any excuse. You’d exercise …. But!

Change your thinking, change your life. Get moving.

With Hypnosis you can shift gear and move your way to a slimmer lighter you.

A STARTER WEIGHT CONTROL SESSION, will set you on the right path with new habits making new choices for $AU195,
A follow up session is $AU175


Deep in hypnosis you enter the operating theatre of your mind and a Virtual Lap-Band is placed which will support you in being satisfied with 3 small meals a day.

Over the programme you will be making healthy choices and targeted to your future self.
A four session once a week programme for $AU625


So you’ve read about fasting. Know people who have successfully used it. Which fasting programme do I use? How to go about it in the healthiest way?
Hypnotic support for this change in your life.

A 3 session package is $AU450

Weight loss by hypnotherapy in Hobart