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Quit Smoking using Hypnosis

No matter how many times you have tried to Lose Weight or Quit Smoking, this is the time through hypnotherapy that you will make the changes you need through the most effective proven, safe, and affordable current technology of the mind.

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With 13 years experience in Hobart I have helped many people to successfully Quit Smoking, even after many other failed attempts.
As a dedicated hypnotist I have a strong client relationship focus and I am available if ongoing support is needed. You will quit smoking using hypnosis in individual sessions designed to meet your needs!

Corporate packages are available.

Individual needs are catered for in one to one sessions in Hobart with a private supportive atmosphere using the most current international technology.

Lose Weight using Hypnosis

If you are having trouble with weight loss or obsessional cravings, along with unhealthy food choices, and feel unmotivated to exercise in the way that you need, hynpnosis will put this behind you.

Virtual Lap Banding Hypnosis

Virtual Lap Banding Hypnosis is non surgical, placing, in your mind a virtual band around your appetite. Using Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy you lose weight permanently and naturally.

What if I have already had surgical lap-banding?
You may be having problems with cravings and unhealthy food choices and just not able to keep the motivation up for the exercise that you need. Hypnosis can get you on track and moving in the direction you are needing.

My mind is being tortured by obsessional cravings?
Yes, obsessional cravings will sabotage your peace of mind and undermine your self esteem to where it seems every determined effort to 'stick on a diet' is a useless waste of time. With Hypnosis, put cravings way into your past.

Weight loss using hynosisQuit smoking using hynosis

Results may vary from person to person